WESLEY-RANKIN COMMUNITY CENTER - a National Mission Institution of United Women in Faith

In collaboration with our West Dallas neighbors, Wesley-Rankin Community Center (WRCC) identifies and bridges gaps in education, health and skills development by providing multigenerational programs that empower families to access their full potential. WRCC is grateful for its UWF connection and has many points of engagement:

  • Want to have a speaker from WRCC visit your location? Email shellie@wesleyrankin.org
  • Interested in coming to WRCC for a tour or volunteer opportunity? Email becky@wesleyrankin.org. Ideas include:
    • Providing casseroles for senior adults
    • Donating in-kind donations such as snacks for Afterschool and summer camp
    • Preparing crafts for senior adults such as cutting yarn, etc.
    • Training as a Scholars learning difference literacy tutor