NTC Annual Conference, June 11-13, 2023
June 11 - 13, 2023
Laity session & dinner at FUMC -Plano on Sunday, June 11th
Annual Conference sessions, Ministry Table, Opening Worship and Ordination services at Christ UMC in Plano, TX

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Theme of AC 2023: Be Strong. Take Heart. Hope in the Lord!

Theme of AC 2023: Be Strong. Take Heart. Hope in the Lord!Laity Session - Cynthia Harry, Sally Vonner, Mae Alexander, Ruth Robinson, ? , Sharon SprattBetsy Sterkel - East Dist Pres, Lela Luxen- NTC Treasurer and Barbara Weaver - Metro Dist Pres manage our NTC UWF Ministry Table by the snacks at AC.President Wendy Campbell gives the report for NTC UWF at ACWendy introduces Sally Vonner as the new CEO of United Women in Faith nationally. The crowd cheered!CEO Sally Vonner says a few words.Busy NTC UWF Table from above!Texas Impact joined us on Monday.Pastor Andy Nelms with Walnut Hill Church women at the UWF ministry table. (l-r) Cathy Bell, Rosie Taylor, Barbara Weaver, Becky Baird, and Pastor Melissa Nelms with daughter.Mary Nickson and Cynthia Rives are full of joy to see each other!