Grit in Juarez: Beyond the Wall 
             by Marion Surles


"How do children live just a few feet across our southern border? Cristal and Fina struggle to find enough to eat as they raise themselves on the streets of a poverty-level neighborhood. Daniel worries about his little brother Memo who has serious respiratory attacks from the pollution and desert climate of Juarez, Mexico. Pastors Miguel and Pati want to lead a different kind of church, one responsive to the needs of their community. Life is hard in this newly-formed neighborhood on the border. Can the church help the families learn to work together as Christ’s family to ease each other’s burdens?”

Author Marion Surles is a retired teacher who teaches Spanish and English as a Second Language to all levels of students as a volunteer missionary in Texas and in Mexico. She has recently formed a mission in Juarez, Mexico called Love and Literacy which encourages reading and staying in school. Every two months, Marion travels to Juarez to bring books and literacy activities to a poor neighborhood. Her books are a fictional account of the lives of her students. Her Facebook Page, Love and Literacy, gives updates of her work in Juarez. 
Marion lives with her husband in Dublin, TX near Stephenville.

The author's second book, Beyond Juarez, is being considered for the United Women in Faith's Reading Program!

Ms Surles is available to give presentations about her work on the border. Consider contacting her to be a special event for your group. 
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