United Women in Faith

Please use this new mailing address: United Women in Faith,  Church Center for the United Nations, 777 United Nations Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10017

The United Methodist Church

. . . living out the call to work toward personal and social holiness through five program priorities, all grounded in racial justice: Poverty, Climate, Health, Peace, Civil & Human Rights. 

. . . established to hold the newly formed United Methodist Church accountable in its commitment to reject the sin of racism in every aspect of the life of the church. While racism remains our primary focus, our perspective and partnerships reflect a broader context, which includes poverty, nationalism, tribal conflicts, gender discrimination, homophobia, disability and generational bias—because we know all forms of oppression are connected, and they cannot be dismantled in isolation.

. . . advocating for women to achieve full and equal participation in the life of the Church.

. . . the humanitarian relief and development arm of The UMC.

. . . the worldwide mission, relief and development agency of The United Methodist Church.

. . . current news of the United Methodist Church.

. . . ideas and information to inspire United Methodist leaders.


a UWF national Mission Institution in South Dallas

People of Faith * Working for Justice. . . an interfaith group that equips faith leaders with information, opportunities and outreach tools on public policy issues. 

a UWF national Mission Institution in West Dallas

Sister Organizations

an inclusive ecumenical Christian women's movement celebrating unity in diversity and empowering women to work towards a world of peace and justice. CWU was founded as a racially, culturally, theologically, inclusive Christian women’s movement to celebrate unity and diversity.   

is a fellowship of such officially recognized groups of Methodist, United and Uniting Church Women organized in Units from the respective participating nations to affirm its purpose “To Know Christ and To Make Him Known”.