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Resources to add to your knowledge of Native Americans

Learn more about the actions Native Americans continuously take toward climate, environmental and racial justice by reading books by Native American authors, listening to their stories, and inviting Native American speakers to your programs. 

The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving  --  a good resource to use when telling children and grandchildren, any one for that matter our true history. Page 10 has additional references.

2023 Celebrate Native American Heritage  - HHS article 

Partnership with Native Americans   • About • Programs • Resources • Services

Lakota Law Project   • About • Resources • Take Action 

including • Dallas Indian UMC • Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas • Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women USA and more

Resources about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

"Bring Her Home" Documentary series on PBS 
New state laws related to reporting Missing Persons
They will help the MMIW Rematriate Texas group reporting cases. 

Texas Municipal League website 
HB 2660 "Missing Persons" and 
HB 3556 "Missing Children". 
HB 2660 is effective as 9-1-2023 and HB 3556 is effective August 2023. 
The MMIP Database logs cases of missing and murdered indigenous people of all genders and ages, from 1900 to the present.This website has links to current research, publications and public awareness materials. This is the website referenced by the guest speakers at the NCD June 10 program on MMIW.