Jerri Savuto Rescue Center for Girls in Kenya

Donate to the Jerri Savuto Rescue Center
for Girls in rural Kenya. 

Your donation will help finish the building so the girls can make it their home, feel safe and concentrate on their studies.

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See the shape of the building above.
Roof added in December 2022.

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Just one girl's story: "This is Kangasur. She is 8 yrs old, an orphan in rural Kenya who was originally staying with her step mother until she was married off. She ran away in quest for a better life and is one of the girls who found refuge in the Dira Methodist church. Then her step mum went to get her so that Kangasur would take care of her step mum who had just given birth. This 8 year old did all the household chores including cooking, washing, fetching water and herding camel. She had no life of her own. Her childhood had been stolen. By God’s grace, and with the help of a Good Samaritan, she made it back to the church rescue centre to be rescued from this cruelty. Although she is sickly, she is now under treatment and rebuilding her life. She is now going to school and recovering from her traumatic past."


Online Donations to United Women in Faith of the N TX Conference

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Funds will provide scholarships to local women to our large events,
such as the annual Texas Legislative Event, Spiritual Growth Retreats, and Mission u.
This allows pledges from local groups to go further to local, national and global missions serving women, children and youth. 
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